Emotional Eating

Do you find yourself using food to self-soothe? Do you feel you don't have control of when you have the desire to eat? You may be struggling with emotional eating. I did, too, for many years, and after going through my recovery journey, I have dedicated myself to helping others do the same.


Emotional eating is not what you eat, but WHY you are eating.

Emotional eating is using food to hide, numb, or even enhance unwanted feelings.

It is NOT about size.

When you process your feelings, it allows you to be at peace with yourself and your life.

I have created the Be Now Program™ to help you feel worthy and free yourself from negative food and body ideals. 

You can conquer emotional eating by:

  • Acknowledging & tracking emotions while eating

  • Planning and preparing for success

  • Moving your body

  • Practicing being present

  • Removing what does not benefit you 

For a resource to help you start your journey to healing and a preview of what my services will look like, download my exclusive worksheet, the Journey to Love Roadmap.

Sunset in the Forest





Be true to yourself.

No judgement.


Honor your perfection.

Live with compassion.


Welcome your confidence.

Be of service.

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