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Your Story

Welcome to your journey.

This is the perfect time, right now in your journey, to move into a state of love - a life that you feel
worthy to embrace joy, confidence, gratitude and to feel empowered. YOU are starting to unfold, peel away and set aside the pieces of you that are no longer serving you to be your true self.

Who is your true self? It is your soul. Your beautiful body is simply the casing, the container; your
thoughts and your emotions are the navigation system for this journey.


Where are we all heading? We are all souls on this human journey to learn and teach one another how to evolve to a state of love. Love is the joy, inspiration, gratitude for what we are experiencing in the now moment. So, while we do have control over how we care for the body and which way we choose to go, we do not have control over our fellow travelers and how they respond and react to us or to the traveling conditions. These are called life events. Much of our time, while we are on this journey is acknowledging and healing from life events.


The steps within the Be Now Program™ are perfectly designed to get you through life events that
happen along the way. The 3 steps can be used for major challenges or simply to check in with yourself through out the day. It works to carry you through rough situations, embracing the celebrations, and directing your awareness on how to respond rather than react.

For a resource to help you start your journey to healing and a preview of what my services will look like, download my exclusive worksheet, the Journey to Love Roadmap.

Sunset in the Forest




Pause your mind.

Inhale, exhale.

Simply be now.

Respect yourself.

Feel your heartbeat.

This is you.

Appreciate this moment.

Acknowledge your emotions.

You are healing.

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