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Empowering women

to embrace their worth

emotionally, physically,

and spiritually.

LDyer Headshot 12.23.17.jpg

Leone Dyer is an Empowerment Coach, spiritual mentor, creator of the Be Now Program™, and specialist in emotional eating. Through her own transformation to live in the present, be at peace, and allow food to heal rather than block emotions, she has developed programs for women that provide a safe space emotionally and spiritually for clients to heal. Leone has a degree in psychology and is a Certified Diamond Process™ Transformational Coach, mom, educator, Special Olympics coach, and nature lover. She brings these foundations, along with her own experience from low self-esteem, weight challenges, working in corporate America, and navigating family issues into her coaching practice.  Living in western Maine, USA, with her husband, Leone provides personal coaching session in her office and online.     

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