"Our emotions, our experiences are present to heal us"

It was a typical Saturday morning, November 2012 when I acknowledged I was worthy. I was standing in my dining room, looking out at the mountains that I so loved and knew I would never enjoy again to the levels I wanted to in my current condition.   Standing there in my house, realizing that I would never reach the summits, that the very thing that fueled my soul as a child was off-limits to me as an adult.  I was a prisoner in my obese body, in my own self-loathing mindset.  Tears formed in my eyes, a knot in my heart, and I felt my entire life drying up.

And there it was, the message I heard and accepted that morning, I am worthy, and I held the key to release myself from my own state of Fear, one of feeling powerless, insecure, unworthy.   

My journey took a sharp detour that morning.  It was one that I allowed the layers of emotions, the walls of protection that I had built over the years, to be removed.  It was one where I stopped asking the world to create my happiness, where I took responsibility for my condition, emotionally and physically.  To be completely open with you, it was not easy, I faced detours, roadblocks and at times, I felt like my entire life was under construction.  However, my journey has brought me to a state of compassion and love where I acknowledge that I am worthy to be happy, to trust, to live fully.  

Our souls, our true selves, are constantly receiving messages to bring our body, mind, and soul to be at peace. We all seek a life of Love, one that is full of gratitude, joy, confidence.  If you are reading this and acknowledge the pain of being a prisoner within yourself, not feeling worthy to live your fullest life, then you too, are receiving the very message you need to start your own journey of healing.